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Suntem InLight și îți mulțumim că ne-ai dat ocazia să îți arătăm câte ceva despre școala noastră. Ne-am născut pe 11.11.2011 și de atunci peste 50 de grupe sau cca 400 de cursanţi au absolvit cursurile InLight în peste 10 filme și 50 de premiere jucate la teatre precum Godot, UnTeatru, Teatrul de Artă. Distribuim și antrenăm actori în nenumărate proiecte din industria românească de film, televiziune și advertising și suntem în parteneriat cu cele mai serioase agenții de casting din România și din străinătate. Elevii noștri au jucat în peste 300 de proiecte de teatru, film și televiziune. Producem cu ei filme de scurt și lungmetraj. Ne mândrim cu lungmetrajul Illegitim, care a avut premiera la Berlinale Film Festival și a fost premiat în numeroase alte festivaluri din lume.

Suntem susținuți de oameni din industrie care cred în calitate și în evoluția artei ca manifest cultural: Adrian Sitaru, Ioana Flora, Bogdan Dumitrache, Domnica Cârciumaru. Avem o metodă unică și originală, dezvoltată în timp pe baza cercetărilor pe care le-am făcut alături de cursanţi.

Prețurile noastre au fost în permanență mici și raportate la nevoile celor care-și doresc să trăiască experiențe din lumea performing-ului alături de noi. Suntem preocupați de evoluția permanentă a cursurilor și de calitatea lor. Susținem cursuri de: actorie teatru începători, actorie teatru avansați, actorie film basic, actorie film premium, dans și producție.

Ești ceea ce gândești!

Alina Grigore

Founder and Creative Director

Robi Urs

Operations Manager

Liviu Vizitiu

Digital Marketing

Diana Mitrache

Financial Manager

Alexandra Cârcu

Strategy and Development Director

Mirabela Gradinaru

Mirabela Gradinaru

When you act, you can’t pretend you are someone else; you are yourself and discover yourself through the role you have been given. Here I have met wonderful people, but then again art lovers are generally wonderful people and they are quick to make friends. You grow so fond of them that you start to become a part of their lives, you go to their wedding, they paint for you, they cast you in their play, because highly talented people come here and you will let them love you and discover you as you are, a beautiful and beauty-loving HUMAN.

Andreea Maioreanu

Andreea Maioreanu

When I say I entered InLight, it’s quite literal – I stepped into the light. Why? Here I’ve met people who are all wonderful in different ways and wonderfully different, here I’ve forgotten how to be selfish – on the contrary, I’ve learned to share each sip of coffee, each cigarette smoke and each palm-sweating episode before a performance. This is where you educate your spirit, where you feel you’ve found your balance and where, even if you knew a candid camera was filming you non-stop, you would still act natural… because you are among friends, among the people you hope to never shake off for as long as you leave.

Adrian Sitaru

I’ve always regarded my work as a trainer as an opportunity to meet people with whom I want to experiment professionally, people who are aware that they can learn something from me, but from whom I know I also learn. In other words, the so-called ‘class’ is a mutual experience, always new and challenging.

Ioana Flora

Acting has always been a dream to me. Before I was even aware of it. I remember the first plays I saw, back when I was five or seven, sitting between my parents in the theatre, two heads below everyone else. I also remember how the colourful, fascinating world on that stage marked me forever, irrevocably. It continues to be a dream, even though it has become reality, and it still gives me the joy you usually get from things you only aspire to. A while ago, I have discovered new joy in it – passing on everything I have learned, understood, observed, studied in this profession. I do it now and I solemnly promised to continue doing it with respect for the talent, wishes, passion, intelligence and imaginative powers of all InLight students.

The project with Adi Sitaru, a creative duo which would result in two plays with InLight students as actors, came as an unexpected gift. I never thought I would work with Adi in any other way than in the director-actor framework. Surprise, the unexpected has happened! Each class thrills me, and it gives me immense pleasure to discover how many minds put together gradually weave a story.

It’s fascinating. It’s theatre as an illusion. It’s a mind game. A permanent game, a challenge. A reality? All of the above.

razvan mihai

Razvan Mihai

After more than six months in InLight, I realised I had come for one thing but received infinitely more – and I do not exaggerate. Here I’ve learned that parallel worlds do exist, that smiles work wonders, that laughter heals and that playing is the secret to learning. I’ve met people who will remain close to me for life. They are those who supported me and stood by me regardless of whether I was tired, sad, frustrated, embarrassed or glad. They are those who taught me that we are all actors in our own play, and the only limits are those we set ourselves.

Cristina Oltean
InLight entered my life suddenly, like most good things in life, appearing out of nowhere and bringing me wonderful people by whose side I was able to learn more about myself and others. For me, InLight is about people, about how to truly look at them and see the spark of light and beauty in each of them, abotu how to encourage them and watch, with a warm smile, as they grow wings. InLight encouraged me to be as I am, giving me confidence that, as long as I contribute all my effort and dedication to everything I do, the result can only be sensationally good. InLight is about confidence and courage and, above all, above love. And I have learned that acting is made up of all that.
Cristina Casian

It is a privilege to meet people who want to rediscover themselves. The first step they take is fuelled by curiosity, then it all comes together: joy, courage, creativity, inspiration. People come here with a thirst for being. I am honored that they welcome me as a part of their quest for rediscovery.

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