Acting Classes

What does "being genuine" mean?


“We keep hearing about actors drawing on their personal experience. But what if what is genuine to you depends on your acting partner, the text and the vision of your team? The InLight acting school believes that acting never stops evolving.

When it comes to acting, InLight communicates with you directly, not with your trauma; it adapts to you as an individual, not just to the team as a whole; it gets you involved in the research process; it gives you feedback. There is no single acting method for all, there is your custom method. This ‘method’ is ever changing. Acting is, in itself, personal development. It’s up to you alone to make the difference. Beyond this, the InLight acting school gives you a tangible result: the real experience of working on a part.”

Ce facem la Școala de actorie InLight?

Intensive film acting class

The guidance of our InLight acting trainers, the freedom to improvise and the study of film mecahanism will broaden the range of characters you can play. Read more

Theatre acting class

Because man is such a complex being we can never stop discovering new things about ourselves and others. See what we do in our theatre acting classes for adults. Read more

Acting class for children

This acting class will teach children to overcome their fears about their own personality or about society, to develop abilities tailored to their personal needs and to gain confidence in their own strengths. Read more

Creative producer class

You will gain skills in film production under the professional guidance of director and producer Mirona Radu. Read more

Choreography class for adults

Our choreography class will help you learn to develop physical mobility, improve your level of fitness and tone your body without unnecessary physical strain. Read more