InLight trainers

Alina Grigore

“At 13, I had the chance of joining the Teen-Act troupe of the Petru Rareș Highschool, founded and led by Erwin Shimsensohn.

There I learned to work by being confident in all I did.

My school results improved considerably; while at first I was an introvert child, I gradually managed to adapt to a world that looked chaotic to me. I grew up and continued to apply the acting exercises and games to everything I did, year after year.

I see my later results as consequences of my development in the troupe and the acting faculty. I had the chance to work in the US with specialists in the field, and now I understand: You are what you think.

Welcome to InLight!”

Liviu Vizitiu

“When I was only four, I used to sing every song I heard, regardless of the context, and I paid no attention to people staring at me or wondering.

My grandmother used to say “Everyone should know where they belong!” Both in acting and in life it is essential to discover your place, your meaning, and to continually define your own value. I’ve always enjoyed learning no matter the subject – to know is to advance, to advance is motion, motion is life.

I discovered my passion for acting in 2010, when I participated in my firt professional theatre project.

I invite you to InLight, because anyone can find their place here, or at least start to search for it!”

Cristina Casian

“It is a privilege to meet people who want to rediscover themselves.

The first step they take is fuelled by curiosity, then it all comes together: joy, courage, creativity, inspiration.

People come here with a thirst for being. I am honored that they welcome me as a part of their quest for rediscovery.”

Adrian Sitaru

“I’ve always regarded my work as a trainer as an opportunity to meet people with whom I want to experiment professionally, people who are aware that they can learn something from me, but from whom I know I also learn.

In other words, the so-called ‘class’ is a mutual experience, always new and challenging.”

Ioana Flora

“Acting has always been a dream to me. Before I was even aware of it. I remember the first plays I saw, back when I was five or seven, sitting between my parents in the theatre, two heads below everyone else. I also remember how the colourful, fascinating world on that stage marked me forever, irrevocably.

It continues to be a dream, even though it has become reality, and it still gives me the joy you usually get from things you only aspire to. A while ago, I have discovered new joy in it – passing on everything I have learned, understood, observed, studied in this profession. I do it now and I solemnly promised to continue doing it with respect for the talent, wishes, passion, intelligence and imaginative powers of all InLight students.

The project with Adi Sitaru, a creative duo which would result in two plays with InLight students as actors, came as an unexpected gift. I never thought I would work with Adi in any other way than in the director-actor framework. Surprise, the unexpected has happened! Each class thrills me, and it gives me immense pleasure to discover how many minds put together gradually weave a story.

It’s fascinating. It’s theatre as an illusion. It’s a mind game. A permanent game, a challenge. A reality? All of the above.”