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You are what you think

The quality of InLight’s classes is recognised across Europe and the US. Voted best film and theatre acting school in Romania for its value for money. Partnerships with all Romanian casting companies. Our actors constantly appear in plays, film and ads.

Quality is measured in results

Over 100 beginner groups and 20 advanced groups, more than 130 plays, 6 shorts, 2 feature films. Romania’s only acting school with an award from the Berlinale Film Festival. Our trainers, films and shows have received prizes worldwide.

You play, you develop, or you become an actor

You can discover how much yuo want to evolve with InLight’s acting classes. Yu can set your own limits and, regardless of what classes you are attending, you will act in a play at Teatrul UnTeatru. You will develop your stage presence, understand what it means to be authentic and improve your diction and breathing technique. Come meet us!

The InLight Acting School

We are InLight and we thank you for giving us an opportunity to tell you a little about our school. We were born on November 11th, 2011, and over 50 groups – or about 400 students – have since graduated our classes, with over 10 films and 50 premieres staged in theatres like Godot, UnTeatru or Teatrul de Artă. We cast and train actors in many projects in the Romanian film, TV and advertising industry, and we have partnerships with the most reliable casting agencies in Romania and abroad.

Our students have acted in over 300 theatre, film and TV projects. We produce shorts and features with them. We pride ourselves with the Illegitimate feature, which premiered at the  Berlinale Film Festival and was awarded at many other festivals around the world.

We are supported by people in the industry who believe in quality and in the evolution of art as a cultural manifest: Adrian Sitaru, Ioana Flora, Bogdan Dumitrache, Domnica Cârciumaru. Our unique, original method was developed in time, based on our research with our students.

Intensive Film Acting Class

LEARN FILM ACTING! After our success with Illegitimate in the 2016 Berlinale and our experience with two shorts and over 40 groups of students, we bring to light in you a complex actor, ready to take part in ample film acting projects!

We ca teach you to understand acting at a whole new level! The guidance of our InLight acting trainers, the freedom to improvise and the study of film mecahanism will broaden the range of your character abilities. Whether you want to create, to testify or to move hearts, to leave a unique mark or to experiment, with our class you will prove that you are what you think!

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Theatre Acting Class

Our theatre acting classes will make your self-expression better, stronger, more nuanced, whether you use your words or your body. You will learn acting in a team, so you will develop your collaboration skills, your trust in others and your confidence in yourself. You will learn more about who you are and, last but not least, you will learn theatre acting from a professional team.

InLight has given all its students, with no exceptions, the chance to act in organised cultural projects: plays, ads, short films and feature films: River-Bet, Domino, Triptic and the much-awarded Illegitimate. You will learn to master yourself and acquire elements of scenic process analysis.

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