The InLight acting school team

Alina Grigore

Founder and Creative Director

"Ever since I can remember, I've been thirsty for research. I enjoy analysing how and why things happen just as much as I enjoy the result. InLight started as a research hub focused on the concept of genuineness in acting. What is it that makes some people more credible and more creative than others?

What happens in our brains while we work on a play or a film?

When you do something out of passion or to research it, it all comes together at all levels: intellectual, creative, empathetic. And it really did come together: 30 groups of students, 14 plays performed over 30 times at Teatrul Godot, Teatrul de Artă or other cultural spaces, 4 films, one of which was filmed in the U.S.and another of which involved a long, complex research project with director Adrian Sitaru, and countless labs and cultural events.

It all came naturally and simply because my research has taught me one basic fact: 'You are what you think.' We thought: courage + passion + creativity = everything is possible.”

Robi Urs

Operations Manager

”In InLight I have evolved a lot as a human being and I have learned that discipline is essential for completingn and successfully carrying out any project.

It matters a lot when you find so much optimism in a place, particularly in a city dominated by discouragement and motivation by fear. If you are what you think, you can become anything you can imagine.”

Diana Mitrache

Financial Manager

”This is the place where I've met interesting, creative people from all fields, this is the place that has allowed me to believe that adult life is more than an unhappy little anthill, the place where I can be the voice smiling on the phone and where I can make a difference, no matter how small.

The place where you can really be what you think!”

Liviu Vizitiu

Digital Marketing

”To me, Inlight is where you remember that you are human, while in our daily ratrace we tend to turn into cogwheels without even noticing and we die before we're really dead!

I come to InLight because here I discover myself in the others each time and I add layers to the old me. The nights spent in the theatre atmosphere are the best nights of all!

Why? - you might as. Because when you embrace your SELF, you start truly loving yourself and those around you!”

Alexandra Cârcu

Strategy and Development Director

"To me, InLight is an experiment, or even a micro-scale vision vision of what society could be. Here I've found the right environment for discovering myself, for feeling my heart open up naturally. Here, shyly at first, I've started to spread my wings without hiding.

That, in fact, is a paradox... Acting "rips off" one by one all the masks imposed by society as you grow up… leaving only you, the real you, in all the splendor of your being. From there on, it's all magic. InLight – a sort of mirror constantly and lovingly carried by my mentors, in which I can see the perfection of my imperfections.

The method is simple, but its very simplicity can cause fear to a self who always wants to complicate things. The motivational system applied here makes each individual bloom into their highest potential, by discovering their uniqueness. They invest in people, they give them 'the fishing rod, not the fish'.

It's all about Truth, Acceptance, Forgiveness and Confidence. What would society look like if it was made up of people with these core values?”