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Thank you,

Thank you, all of you, for your energy, your presence, your passion and not least for your support. Juriului, actorilor participants, as ll as those who didnțt participate this year, but will definitely steal the spotlight next year. Special acknowledgement to: Unteatru, Heidi Chocolate, Wood Be Nice, Teatrul de Artă Dream&Act.

We are so glad that “we did it!” this year too, with the ITF 2018, edition #3, or the Festival of Imperfect Plays, the only festival for non-professional/imperfect actors in Romania. It has been a rollercoaster of acting, passion, friendship and madness. It is wonderful to work with passionate people, it is wonderful to make a theatre festival for non-professionals, it is wonderful to bring people together to promote art, acting, passion for life.

This year, we’ve had beginner shows, advanced shows and shows by other acting schools – Teatrul de Artă and Dream&Act. We are close to the end, which means…

“Who’s theeeere?”

“The awards ceremonyyyyy!”

“Aaaaand the award for beeeest…” but before that we still have to go through a time of preparation, jitters and a few surprises.

Special thanks to Diana Papuc, Eduard Geapană,Cristina Lupașcu, Ioana Marica and all the groups, advanced and beginners, as well as to many others whom we can’t include in this list – please forgive us for not mentioning you all.


You’ve all been wonderful!


InLight bows like the well-raised school it is – Thank you!


#ITF2018 #festivaldepieseimperfecte #șapteanideacasă

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