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Robi Urs is Romania’s first non-professional actor to be accepted in a select programme dedicated to film professionals, within the famous Berlin International Film Festival.

Robi Urs is a Romanian non-professional actor who, despite his lack of higher studies in acting, can already boast numerous successes in the field. Robi graduated from the InLight acting course and, over the last six years, has had the chance to work – among other projects – with director Adrian Sitaru for Illegitimate, the feature selected for the Berlin International Film Festival in 2016, where it received the CICAE (International Confederation of Art Cinemas) Award. This year, Robi was chosen for Berlinale Talents from among over 3.400 applicants in 130 countries. In brief, Berlinale Talents is the most important programme for filmmakers, an intensive work platform including six days of meetings, creative workshops, conferences and informal visits as part of the Berlin International Film Festival. Established in 2003, Berlinale Talents has brought its participants before important names of world cinema. Meryl Streep, Willem Dafoe, Juliette Binoche or Gus Van Sant are only a few of the personalities who have come to share their experience. Each year, 250 directors, actors, scriptwriters, producers, editors, directors of photography, film critics or distributers are selected from among the applicants. Robi Urs was selected in the Acting category, becoming Romania’s first non-professional actor taking part in the most prestigious programme in the field.


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